LLumar car window tint: Customize your car & drive in total comfort

Over time, exposure to heat and sunlight can cause unsightly cracking, peeling, or fading on the interior of your vehicle. Installed at Reflex Teinte Inc. , LLumar's window tint gives drivers first-rate value and protection. When you tint your car windows, you help protect the interior of your car (and everyone in it) from the sun’s distracting glare and harmful rays. Select from Reflex Teinte Inc. 's full assortment of car window tint shades, ranging from translucent to dark charcoal. Your state may have laws that limit the level of darkness you can legally select for your car windows. Stop by or call us today to review the options that are within your state’s legal guidelines.

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Automotive Window Tinting

Trust Reflex Teinte Inc. at 400 Ave Taniata to install great car window tint. Drive more comfortably and stylishly with car window tinting. For over 55 years, our professionally-installed window tints have shielded satisfied customers from the sun’s intense heat and harmful rays. Stop by or call today for a fast and free car window tinting estimate today!

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